Dolores Heights History Exhibit 2016

by Hans Kolbe

For our 2016 Block Party on October 8, we have put together quite a collection of photos, articles, and personal items depicting the history (ancient and modern) of Dolores Heights and Dolores Park.  Part of the history of the last 30 years has been covered extensively by the Noe Valley Voice, and we are excited to include several of their articles in our exhibit.

However the exhibit will not only show old photographs, but will celebrate the neighborhood treasure we have on our hands to protect and improve.   We encourage all of you, our neighbors, to bring their own pictures and stories – the best and the worst.

We believe that we need to encourage a sense of ownership and stewardship of our neighborhood and city.   This is a balancing act between allowing and supporting change while protecting our history.  As you can see in the old photos – not everything was pretty and deserves protecting.   Our exhibition intends to foster this conversation.

Click here to see our Dolores Heights History page.

Below are three views of the Dolores Height Use District 1905, 1916, 1922 which are quite remarkable I think.  We have lots more.


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