The Vibes to Perform at 10/8 Block Party


The Vibes play the Noe Valley Farmers’ Market.

The Vibes are a “Kidspop” group from San Rafael, California.¬† Members Brie Thompson (12), Sabine Williams (11), and Brandon¬†Williams (13) started playing together in 2013 when Brie’s mom began giving the Williams kids guitar lessons. Brie was dragged along because she was too young to stay home alone. They had instant chemistry and started playing community events by their second year together.

The Vibes play a variety of music on guitar and ukulele such as traditional kids’ songs, folk songs, and current pop tunes.

They are currently a featured act at the Noe Valley Farmer’s Market.

All this year, they have been raising money for their Davidson Middle School’s Washington, DC trip. The trip cost is $2700 for each child. Sabine, even though she is only in 6th grade, is already saving.

Brandon Williams, Brie Thompson, and Sabine Williams are The Vibes!

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