July Greetings from the DHIC Board

Hello neighbors!

At our Spring Gathering on June 3 we held our board elections.  I am now Chair of DHIC.  Thank you for your support.  And a big thank you to John O’Duinn our chair for the past few years whose vision of a strong and effective voice for Dolores Heights kept us growing and moving forward.  

Being a voice for Dolores Heights is more important now than ever.  At the June 3 Spring Gathering many neighbors talked about safety, quality of life, the homeless, drunkenness, drug use, and the trashing of Dolores Park.  Supervisor Jeff Sheehy attended our meeting and heard first-hand stories of how we’re personally affected.  In July he introduced legislation in the Board of Supervisors to strengthen fines for littering.  

More action is needed to address daily issues of break-ins, drug use, public urination etc on our stairs and in green areas, and resident safety. Based on neighbor comments, our DHIC safety group prioritized these top issues:

  • Homeless hanging out/using drugs/sleeping on stairs/in gardens + human feces/urination
  • Personal/property safety especially burglaries
  • Drunkenness/drug use, violence/criminal activities, urination/defecation,  and littering in and around Dolores Park
  • Our childrens’ safety

We are working to address these via these steps:  

  • Asking Supv Sheehy to meet & hear our recommendations
  • Forming more block groups across all Dolores Heights so that residents can be eyes & ears to prevent crime and to call 311 or SFPD when issues occur.
  • Monitoring the park and our streets
  • Connecting block group captains to get a neighborhood-wide view of issues.  

If your block doesn’t have a safety group, email info@doloresheights.org, to get started.  We’re

We need you to continue our work. If you are not already a member, click
HERE to join DHIC. If you are a member, thank you – and please remember
to renew your annual membership. Numbers count when we ask our
supervisor for help on neighborhood issues and when we engage with City
officials to achieve our goals.

I welcome your input.  Please email me at carolynkenady@gmail.com with your ideas, comments, & feedback.  Thanks!

Carolyn Kenady
Chair, DHIC Board

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