Fire Raises Neighborhood Concerns

Photo Sophie Haihney for SFGate.

This Victorian at 517-519 Sanchez sustained major damage from a fire on February 23. BothSF Weekly andSFGATEcovered the event The building was reputed to be a “drug den” and had numerous building code violations. Its located just a block or so from the 19th & Sanchez steps where neighbors often see people using drugs. The DHIC Green Gardens group also has found numerous syringes and other paraphernalia during their clean-ups of these stairs.

DHIC leaders saw a temporary drop in syringe and drug use on these steps when SFPD raided and closed this same building a few years ago. Maybe well see the 19th & Sanchez steps hosting fewer drug users – with this longer-term closure from the fire.

This situation underscores why we need neighbors engaged: both in stairway/block clean-ups and in active block safety groups. To get connected with folks on your block for a safety group or to help at a two-hour monthly stairway clean-up, write or just attend our next clean-up.

Photo Nuala Sawyer for SF Weekly

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