Do You Want a Green Benefit District in our Community?

TheGreen Benefit Districtis being actively explored and championed. In the fall the formation committee held several community meetings and conducted a survey throughout our community.

What did they learn? Most residents are concerned about quality of life issues. This information helped the committee to assess the level of support for a GBD and based on the survey responses, to prioritize a proposed set of GBD services

What are they doing? The committee is conducting additional outreach and discussions to educate residents about what the Green Benefit District, what it entails, what its scope and services would be, how it differs from existing City services.What is the process for establishing a Green Benefit District in the broader Castro/Dolores area. And what it would cost property owners.

Get educated and form an opinion: Read the Survey report. Attend a neighborhood meeting -DHIC will host a get-together later in March. Talk with your neighbors.

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