ACTION REQUIRED! E-mail the Board of Education re: “Safe Sleeping Sites” NOW!

A big thank you to everyone who’s e-mailed the Board of Supervisors (BOS) and the Board of Education members to ask for a “yes” to the “Safe Sleeping Site” proposal.  

We’ve overachieved with the BOS!!  Just heard from Supervisor Mandelman’s office:  The momentum is growing.  Supervisors are getting on board.  Stop e-mailing them.  

Now the Board of Ed approval is key! The Board of Education vote at their Tuesday meeting will determine whether the Everett Middle School (EMS) parking lot can be used as a “safe sleeping site.”   If they do not approve the resolution (Agenda item L-3), then the Safe Sleeping Site will be on hold.    

Take Critical Action April 27 & 28

E-mail the Board of Education members urging them to approve the use of Everett as a safe sleeping site.  Click HERE for sample e-mail and addresses.

Give public comment at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, April 28. (Per Board staff, the “Safe Sleeping Sites” resolution will be heard at 6 pm or later.) The Resolution is Agenda Item L-3.  The meeting is remote. The Board uses Zoom conferencing.  You can join via video conferencing or via phone. Click HERE for detailed instructions.

Media coverage:  The local Fox affiliate is producing a report on Safe Sleeping Sites; videoing at Everett Middle School today.  Watch tonight (April 27) on KTVU-2 or other local Fox stations. 

Finally, forward this message to your friends and network groups.  Numbers count. Thank you!

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