Information on Housing Bills to be Voted on on May 18, 2020

Senate Bill 902 (sponsor: Scott Wiener): Sold as “a lighter touch on SB 50” (defeated in January), it eliminates single family zoning and mandates four-plexes for San Francisco. Then it allows local governments to zone for up to ten units of housing on a lot based on adjacency to “jobs-rich,” “transit-rich” or an “urban infill area.” All of San Francisco could be subject to ten-unit upzoning. KQED’s headline for their March 2020 report revealed SB 902’s real agenda: “Sen. Wiener Wants to Abolish Single-Family-Only Neighborhoods in California.”

Senate Bill 1085 (sponsor: Nancy Skinner): This bill destroys the State Density Bonus (SDB) law’s (enacted in 2018) elements that incentivize affordable housing construction. Under the current law, projects of five or more units can receive additional height and other concessions or allowances in return for including much-needed affordable housing in the proposed project. SB 1085 allows additional density for any project of TWO or more units – without requiring affordable housing units. It also waters down the SDB by allowing projects to include only moderate income housing – instead of all levels of affordable housing. The State Density Bonus has successfully enabled more affordable housing in projects in San Francisco. Why gut this program when it’s working?

Senate Bill 1410 (sponsor: Lena A. Gonzalez): This bill amends the Housing Accountability Act (HAA enacted in 1982) which was just amended last year to “streamline” the housing process. This bill adds an appeals board to the Housing & Community Development Department. We already have an appeals process which is working. What problem are we trying to solve? Why is the HAA yet again being revised to add yet another layer of review to the decision making/appeals process? SB 1410 clearly aims to take over the local and judicial decision-making process and move it to Sacramento where political and special interest groups have clout.

Please take action now. Email key state legislators now to register your opposition to these three housing bills (the worst bills of the 17).

Click here for the Senate bills’ template emails + instructions for submitting letters.

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