May Green Garden Day a Great Success!

Our May 5 Green Garden Day produced:

9 bags of trimming

2 plastic garbage bags

10-12 syringes

We had 15 volunteers @ 2 hours each + 4 volunteers @ an additional 1.5 hours each = 36 hours total

Thank you all for your help and efforts. And thanks to Liz Clark for these great photos!

Our group would like to extendextraBig ThankstoRaymond and June (their smiling faces see below center!) from SFDPW, too!

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Another Threat: SB 828 Up for Vote April 24th

Supporters and opponents of SB827 stand off in front of city hall. Photo by Michael Toren for Mission Local.

Cities, organizations and individuals across California opposed SB 827, and we won! The final State Senate Transportation and Housing Committee vote on SB 827 was 6 opposed, 3 abstain/absent, and 4 support (the supporting votes included the bill’s two sponsors, Scott Wiener and Nancy Skinner). Why the Senators opposed SB 827:

  • Don’t like the one-size-fits-all approach
  • Zoning decisions should be local and regional, not statewide mandates
  • New jobs and housing should be planned together
  • Basing bill on rail/bus routes is flawed since future transportation is changing
  • Adversely impacts lower income communities and contributes to gentrification
  • Needs more affordable housing incentives
  • Needs increased parking allotments in certain cities
  • Bus routes change frequently so this transfers zoning power to local MTAs
  • No plans or funding for infrastructure (sewer, water, schools, fire, police) to keep up with increased density
  • Building along transit creates a corridor of homes vs. cluster of communities
  • Developers reap all the benefits and cities suffer the consequences

What’s Next?

Despite serious concerns from Senators opposing the bill, Senator Weiner and his colleagues vowed to return with a revised bill in January 2019.

Meanwhile, Senator Wiener has proposed other bills that take away significant local controls. As we focused our efforts on SB 827, a less publicized, but just as damaging bill, SB 828, is making it way through the legislature. SB 828 will be heard at the Transportation and Housing Committee on April 24th. Please write and call the committee members to register your opposition to SB 828. (Senators’ names, emails, and phone numbers are available here.)

Under SB 828, Senator Wiener will double cities’ quota for new housing production (already set in 2014 via the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA), a data-driven legally-mandated statewide process.) So he’s moving back the goal posts after the games started. If cities do not meet these virtually unattainable goals, then Senator Wiener’s SB35 enacted in January 2018 will force the cities to allow all construction projects to become by-right. By-right means developers can build what they want and where they want. It deregulates the housing approval process and takes away the public’s right to weigh in on development projects. That means:

SB 828 green lights projects and muffles the voices of local residents.

SB 828 requires cities to rezone sites to accommodate this 2X of new housing units. Moreover, it requires that the RHNA quota will be achieved via construction of multi-unit buildings. There goes the concept of single-family homes in cities.

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Spring Neighborhood Gathering – Saturday, May 5

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Green Garden Day – Saturday, May 5

Our next Green Garden Day stairway clean-up takes place immediately before the Spring Neighborhood Gathering on Saturday, May 5from 9-11 am at the 19th and SanchezStreet staircase.Yummy baked goods, Spikes coffee, juice, and fun while sprucing up our stairs and green areas. Everyone is welcome. Please join us!

E-mail stairs@doloresheights.orgfor more info, or just show up!

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Dolores Park Earth Day Celebration April 21 & 22

The Dolores Park Earth Day Celebration runs from 2-6 pm on Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22 throughout Dolores Park.

Saturday and Sunday is the Love Dolores Celebration. The Ambassadors will join a lineup of community stars, Cheer SF, the Citys official cheerleaders; Dolores Flow, they bring flags, hoops and balls; Velocity Circus, magical theatre on the move and the Bridgemen, gay-bi-trans mens social service volunteers. We also expect a great turnout from the local Dolores community, the Bike Polo club, Giant Bubble crew, Robot Dance Party, and our local merchants doing what they do best. Can you taste the ice-cream? Plus special guests, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Sunday, is Earth Day and The Dolores Park Ambassadors have partnered up with Rec and Park and the Love Dolores folks for three days of service in the park. Thursday we will kickoff with the now famous Dolores Garden Club, 10 AM to noon. We bring the Flower Power to Dolores.

We need your help! Families and children welcome to help with simple gardening tasks on Thursday. And on Saturday and Sunday we need help throughout the park with logistics and spreading the good work of the day.

Dont Trash Dolores, Use the Can!



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CANCELLED!! Green Garden Day April 7 CANCELLED!!

CANCELLED: Green Garden DaySaturday 4/7/18

Due to heavy rain overnight andtomorrowmorning, we are cancelling Green Garden Daytomorrow.

Thank you for your support! We look forward to seeing you at our next (rain-free) Green Garden Day.

The Stairs Committee

Green Garden Day!
When: Saturday, April 7 from 9 AM to 11 AM
Where: Cumberland Street & Sanchez Street
What: Garden work, pruning, trash pickup, and planting.

As before, this will involve improving the steps, and the surrounding green areas, a healthy combination of neighborhood safety, gardening work and getting to meet your neighbors. Bring your gloves, tools, sunblock(!) and love of the neighborhood. Therell be coffee provided by Spike’s Coffees & Teas and treats provided by DHIC, garden tools and gloves provided by San Francisco Parks Alliance and SF DPW, as well as lots of friendly faces. As with previous events, this should also be a fun morning!

If you have any questions email

Join DHIC:


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DHIC Fact Sheet on Senate Bill 827

If passed, Senate Bill 827 would create a new bonus program for developers that would:

  • Remove current height controls. In Dolores Heights, height limits are 35 (inside the Special Use District) or 40. SB 827 would increase these limits to a minimum of 55 or 85, depending on the street, or even 75 or 105 when combined with other State programs – thats right, two or three times todays height limits.
  • Allow a developer to jam in as many units on a lot as can fit. Currently zoning for density is eliminated. The Planning Department estimates a typical 25×100 lot could contain 10 or more units.
  • Remove minimum parking requirements. Occupants of these buildings would be forced to park their vehicles on the street, creating parking congestion.
  • Take away your voice in neighborhood planning. Neither you as a resident nor San Francisco city government can appeal these State height and density mandates.

If passed, Senate Bill 827 also would:

  • NOT protect tenants who will be displaced by construction.
  • NOT provide any additional affordable housing.
  • NOT provide for needed infrastructure to support new units.
  • NOT provide for added demand for public safety services.

A growing number of cities, the Sierra Club, the League of California Cities, and numerous neighborhood groups – including the Dolores Heights Improvement Club – are opposing this bill.

The Board of Supervisors will be voting on April 3 on whether to oppose SB 827. We are asking that you write our Supervisor Jeff Sheehy and all the members of the Board and ask them to oppose this bill.

Please also email Scott Wiener at

if you have any questions, want to learn more about this bill, or would like sample emails to send, please contact me.

Thank You

Bruce Bowen


Emails for:

Supervisor Jeff Sheehy

Board of Supervisors


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Green Garden Day – Saturday, April 7

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CANCELED!! Green Garden Day – Saturday, March 3 CANCELED!!


The March 3 Green Garden Day has been CANCELED due to the rain forecast overnight and tomorrow morning, to assure volunteer safety on wet hillsides.

Our next Green Garden Day will be April 7, 2018. Hope to see you then!

If you have any questions about this event, you can

See you all soon!

Join DHIC:

and follow us on Facebook:


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Update on Upzoning

As we mentioned last month, we are very worried about the impact of State Senator Scott Wiener‘s bill SB 827. This bill would result in upzoning almost all of San Francisco. It also would effectively mark the end of the Dolores Heights Special Use District. Height limits here would be increased to 55′, or in some cases even 75’ for streets wider than 45 feet.

We believe the bill needs to be dramatically changed or scrapped. We are working with our Supervisor, other City officials, neighborhood groups across the City, and groups from around the State, to lobby Sacramento to stop this threat. On Thursday, February 8, the City’s Planning Department issued a must-read analysis of SB 827. Per the Planning analysis, virtually the entire city would be affected. It would significantly upzone most of the City. In addition, the law doesnt prohibit the addition of State Density Bonuses. So height limits could actually be 65′, 75′-85′, and over 100 feet depending on the street width. Our fear is that the future is being given away to solve a problem of today, but at any cost. Thats just wrong.

We are not alone. The League of California Cities, the Los Angeles Times, the Sierra Club, and the Cities of Milpitas and Palo Alto among many others oppose the bill. Senator Wiener has also heard concerns from his constituents. He announced that he is amending the bill to address displacement/evictions and local affordable housing initiatives. These changes do not alter the cookie-cutter approach of setting height limits and increasing density without regard to infrastructure needs and neighborhood context. If you agree, please call or email Senator Wiener to register your opposition to SB 827.

On February 27, Senator Wiener released amendments to the bill. We are still evaluating the impacts. At this point, we believe that the DH SUD would still be among the areas of the City which are upzoned by the amended bill.

State Senator Scott Wiener

Capitol Office
State Capitol
Room 4066
Sacramento, CA 95814-4900
(916) 651-4011

District Office
455 Golden Gate Avenue
Suite 14800
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 557-1300

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