Leveraging Our Safety Work

Dolores Heights block groups have formed the Dolores Heights Neighborhood Partnership (DHNP.) Meeting quarterly, the block captains share information and make plans for more effective neighborhood safety. DHNP leaders along with a representative of SFSafe will be at the DHIC Fall Festival on Oct. 13. Stop by for safety tips and talk. To join your block safety group, just emailinfo@doloresheights.org

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Save the Date! DHIC Fall Festival Saturday, October 13, 2018

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Green Garden Day – Saturday, September 1

Our next Green Garden Day stairway clean-up takes place on Saturday, September 1 from 9-11am atSanchez & 19th Streets.)

Heavy lifting and hill climbing are not required.

Therell be coffee provided bySpikes coffeeand treats from theDHIC, garden tools and gloves courtesy ofSF Parks AllianceandSF DPW, as well as lots of friendly faces.

Our mission is to improve our public staircases and their surrounding green areas with a healthy combination of gardening, safety, neighbor involvement and fun!

Everyone is welcome. Please join us!

E-mailstairs@doloresheights.orgfor more info, or just show up!

And mark you calendars for our upcoming Green Garden Days!

October 6 – Sanchez & 20th Streets
November 3 – Cumberland & Noe Streets
December 1 – Liberty/Sanchez medians

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Dolores Park Ambassadors Help City with Growing Homeless Encampments

During the last few weeks of August, neighbors noticed a growing homeless presence at Dolores Park. Folks started to gather on the edge of of the lawn next to Dolores Street, their belongings and tents stacked up on the strip of lawn next to the curb. Ironically, this gathering occurred right after Supervisor Mandelman and Mayor Breed took a first-hand look at the Castro and Dolores Park to assess the homeless, street cleanliness, and general quality of life.

The Dolores Park Ambassadors group alerted the Dolores Park rangers, the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT), DPW, and Mission Station Captain Caltagirone. They also contacted Supervisor Mandelman. The groups worked together very effectively to resolve a potential homeless .

Robert Brust, a Dolores Park Ambassador leader, emailed Captain Caltagirone, “We would like to thank you and your officers DPW, Park Patrol, HOT, and Supervisor Mandelman for all your efforts.”

Coordination between City agencies and the neighbors is essential if we are to prevent the park and our community from becoming a large scale homeless refuge Brust explained.

If you see issues in the park, alert the Park District rangers. Two rangers are on duty during peak hours (typically later morning through sundown.)

Park Rangers general dispatch:(415) 242-6390.park-patrol@sfgov.org

Always include 311 for any City service issue. This will log and track your issue and helps coordinate all City agencies. Calling Supervisor Mandelmans office is also effective for getting quick results. And you can always contact SFPD directly.

SF311 – online, call or try the app

911 – if there is an ongoing crime or threat of violence.

Homeless Outreach, the HOT team, (415) 355-7401

District 8 Board of Supervisors Constituent Services, Tom Temprano – 415 554 6968,tom.temprano@sfgov.org

SFPD Mission Station desk – 415 558 5400 and Captain Gaetano Caltagirone,Gaetano.Caltagirone@sfgov.org

Dolores Park is a jewel in our neighborhood because the community cares. To receive updates or volunteer with Dolores Park Ambassadors, emailDoloresParkAmbassadors@gmail.com

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August Green Garden Day a Success!

We had an exceptional August Green Garden Day on a beautiful Saturday morning. We had twice the amount of bags and brush piles that we usually have! A good mornings work!

16 Volunteers with a total of 36 hours.
46 Compost Bags
Two 4 X 6 X 8 brush piles
1 large trash bag
No needles this time!

Thank you for your ongoing support and supplies.

DHIC Stairs Committee

Liz Clark
Jennifer Bury
David Dea
Bruce Muncil

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Stop State Overreach on Housing

Yet again, our state legislators want to impose state control over local housing decisions. SB-828 introduced earlier this year significantly increases the Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA) targets for every jurisdiction in California including San Francisco. This comes on the heels of ten bills passed by the state legislature in 2017 to accelerate housing production. San Francisco is meeting its RHNA target for market rate housing. The City has 60,000 units in its pipeline and has a total capacity of 143,000 housing units. San Francisco’s housing shortfall is in the affordable, not market rate, category. (Housing data fromSF Planning Commission, February 2018.) Keep in mind that the City doesn’t build housing. Developers build. So San Francisco will be saddled with higher targets and no direct power to build more housing.

Just as our City has stepped up to increase housing – especially affordable housing, Senator Wiener seeks to increase our targets. SB 828 would double the numeric housing targets for every California jurisdiction. These increased housing targets create significant, unfunded state and local financial consequences estimated by the Department of Housing & Community Development at $741,000 annually. So not only this bill is bad housing policy, its also bad fiscally. SB 828 goes to the Assembly Appropriations Committee in early August to consider its financial implications to the state budget, not policy implications. Your action can help defeat the bill.

Please let our state legislators know that you oppose SB 828. For details on how to email or call them click here

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Send one e-mail to the Chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee with a cc to the Principal Consultant and a blind cc to Susan Kirsch.

To Committee Chair: Assemblymember.GonzalezFletcher@assembly.ca.gov

Cc Principle Consultant: JenniferSwewnson@assembly.ca.gov

Blind cc: Susan@LivableCa.org


Subject: OPPOSE SB 828


To the Honorable Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher:

I encourage you to oppose SB 828 because it is too costly to the state and the cities.

Thank You,




OR – Call the Chair’s Office and state your opposition. To call more members of the Assembly Committee, refer to this list

Lorena S. Gonzalez Fletcher (Chair) 916-319-2080

Principal Consultant: Jennifer Swenson 916-319-2081

Forward this information to other concerned people or organizations.

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Green Garden Day – Saturday, August 4

Our next Green Garden Day stairway clean-up takes place on Saturday, August 4 from 9-11 am at the Liberty Triangle (Liberty and Sanchez Streets.)

Heavy lifting and hill climbing are not required.

There will be coffee provided by Spikes coffee and treats from the DHIC, garden tools and gloves courtesy of SF Parks Alliance and SF DPW, as well as lots of friendly faces.

Our mission is to improve our public staircases and their surrounding green areas with a healthy combination of gardening, safety, neighbor involvement and fun!

Everyone is welcome. Please join us!

E-mail stairs@doloresheights.orgfor more info, or just show up!

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Community Safety Report

Concerned about safety in Dolores Heights? Help your block neighbors stay safe by serving as a block safety lead. Its easy and rewarding. For more details, write info@doloresheights.org. The block safety leads meet together quarterly to share info and take action on issues.

At the June 26 monthly Mission Station Community meeting, Captain GaetanoCaltigirone introduced Rafael Mandelman, our new D8 Supervisor who will be sworn in on July 11. Rafael and the Captain have been meeting about neighborhood safety. Officers continue to make progress on auto break-ins. Four officers were injured while arresting an auto burglar who swung a 2×4 and threw bottles at the officers.

Officers on the homeless outreach team are making progress on reducing the number of homeless on the streets. The team is building and growing a “No Fly Zone”. It is an area free of encampments, poop, and needles. Neighbors discussed specific issues in their area of the Mission and thanked the Captain for his efforts in helping with some problematic people in the Castro.

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Do you know Audrey’s Bench?

Nestled among the plants near the southwest corner of Sanchez & 21st Streets is a beautiful sculpted wood bench. Its a great place to enjoy the views from Sanchez hilltop or to catch your breath after ascending the hill on one of the four steep streets. Created in 1997 as a memorial to Dolores Heights activist, Audrey Penn Rodgers, the redwood seat is a fitting memorial to a tireless leader.


Audrey led the campaign from 1978 – 1980 that obtained Board of Supervisors’ adoption for the Dolores Heights Special Use District (DH SUD). The DH SUD with its 45% rear yard setbacks and 35 foot height limit balances the natural and the built environment. Audrey’s work protected the amazing views of the City and the Bay for visitors and residents to enjoy from every street corner and sidewalk in our neighborhood.

Dolores Heights was recognized in the San Francisco General Plan for its uniform scale of buildings, mixed with abundant landscaping in yards and steep street areas. Rows of houses built from nearly identical plans that form complete or partial block frontages, arranged on hillside streets as a stepped-down series of flat or gabled roofs. Building setbacks with gardens set before Victorian facades and interesting entryways.

While youre relaxing at Audreys bench, think about what Audrey and other neighborhood leaders helped make Dolores Heights a place in which we love to live. And take the time to join DHIC. Help us continue our work as advocates for our neighborhood and our neighbors.

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