A Great Green Garden Day!

Saturday, February 1, was a perfect gardening day at the Sanchez/Liberty Median.

21 Volunteers, including 4 new volunteers, = 39 hours, 16 compost bags, one 4′ X 3′ X 10′ compostable brush pile, and 2 trash bags

Our thanks as always to Doris Chew, SFDPW, The SF Parks Alliance, DHIC Board of Directors, and Spikes Coffee for their continued support of our efforts.

DHIC Stairs Committee
Jennifer Bury
Liz Clark
David Dea
Bruce Muncil

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Green Garden Day – Saturday, February 1

Our Green Garden Day stairway clean-up takes place on Saturday, February 1 from 9-11 am at the Liberty Street and Sanchez median.

Heavy lifting and hill climbing are not required.

There’ll be coffee provided by Spike’s Coffees & Teas and treats from the DHIC, garden tools and gloves courtesy of SF Parks Alliance and SFDPW.

Our mission is to improve our public staircases and their surrounding green areas with a healthy combination of gardening, safety, neighbor involvement and fun! Everyone is welcome.

E-mail stairs@doloresheights.org for more info, or just show up!

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ANALYSIS OF SB 50’s AMENDMENTS (of January 6, 2020)

SB 50’s amendments do not alleviate the bill’s negative impact on California’s cities, communities, and residents. 

The amendments do not address these top four key concern of voters.
Affordable housing: SB 50 does not require a single unit of affordable housing for any development of up to 20 units. An overwhelming percentage of likely voters* believe that California has a shortage of AFFORDABLE housing but not a housing supply issue.

  1. Affordable housing: SB 50 does not require a single unit of affordable housing for any development of up to 20 units. An overwhelming percentage of likely voters* believe that California has a shortage of AFFORDABLE housing but not a housing supply issue.
  2. Local control over planning decisions: SB50 overrides local control and mandates increased residential heights, density, and bulk. Residents have no right of appeal when 45 to 75 foot buildings affect their light, air, or privacy. Statewide upzoning will destroy the character of neighborhoods and communities, resulting in displacement and blight. The new SB 50 amendment allowing cities to create their own plan simply delays the implementation of the bill’s upzoning, height and density increases. Why? Any local plan must achieve the same level of upzoning as mandated by SB 50. San Francisco would still be required to upzone 95% of its residential areas.
  3. Unfunded costs: SB50 provides no funding to pay for needed transit and infrastructure costs to support the added population from denser housing. In projects where San Francisco has upzoned for greater density, the City requires additional fees to fund these improvements. Density with insufficient transportation and other infrastructure will destroy many of the qualities that make California a desirable home.
  4. Stripping enforceability of environmental and community laws: SB 50 subjects local agencies and hence the voters of our state to liability for attempting to enforce environmental and community laws. Amended SB 50 tilts the private right of action in favor of developers, potential residents, and development lobbyists.

In addition to these key impacts, some of SB 50’s amendments are worse than the original bill. For example, SB 50 upzones and “streamlines” construction on coastal zone parcels statewide-applying the four-plex upzoning to any area where the population is at least 50,000. That includes all coastal areas under the California Coastal Commission that were previously exempted by the bill.

Finally, SB 50 is redundant. Existing laws already incent more housing and/or allow greater density. Several laws enacted in 2019 allow Accessory Dwelling Units on RH1, 2, & 3 lots – effectively upzoning all residential neighborhoods in California. Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) requires cities to achieve new housing goals by category for market-rate and for three levels of affordable. State density bonuses allow for greater height in return for more affordable units. These are a few of the tools already available for cities to achieve more housing that’s affordable to all.

*Recent poll conducted by Applecart LLC for BetterWayCA

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Oppose SB 50: Call Your CA Senate Appropriations Committee Members ASAP

The Committee will take action on the bill by January 23

SB 50, mandating statewide upzoning (95% of San Francisco) & threatening our affordable housing, is back.  Opposed by SF Board of Supervisors, it enables greater luxury housing and reduces affordable housing requirements.    

Please read this summary & act now.  

January 6: SB 50 author Scott Wiener announced changes to the bill. Bill text http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201920200SB50

Analysis of bill’s amendments here

By January 23: State Senate Appropriations Committee will take up the amended bill. If enough people oppose, they won’t vote the bill out of committee; SB 50 dies for the 2020 session.

  1. Call all CA Senate Appropriations Cttee members asap (list below) – “Message: I oppose SB 50. It won’t solve our affordable housing crisis. Other tools already exist that hold our cities accountable to build the housing needed for their communities. SB 50 incents developers to build luxury housing.”
  2. Call Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins and Gov. Gavin Newsom
  3. Forward this email to family, friends, & neighbors, asking them to do the same.

Contact info – CA Senate Appropriations Committee:

Anthony Portantino, Chair (D)  916-651-4025  (critical of SB 50)

Patricia Bates (R)  916-651-4036  (Former social worker opposes SB 50)

Steven Bradford (D)  916-651-4035  (avoids discussing)

Jerry Hill (D)  916-651-4013  (he indicated opposition to SB 50, but may be weakening)

Brian Jones (R)  916-651-4038  (position unknown)

Bob Wieckowski (D)  916-651-4010  (position unknown)

Maria Elena Durazo (916) 651-4024

And call/fax these top state leaders; they have a big impact on SB 50:

  • Senator Toni Atkins (President Pro Tem) – (916) 651-4039; Fax: (916) 651-4939
  • Governor Gavin Newsom – (916) 445-2841; Fax: 916/558-3160

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Homelessness in our Neighborhood

The City has increased services to address the effects of homelessness in Dolores Park and surrounding neighborhoods as well as in the Castro District. Despite that, we’re seeing more homeless people sleeping and/or loitering on our sidewalks and stairs. And more trash and belongings are dumped in our neighborhood. We need your help to get action. Please call 311 or download the 311 app and open a case. For more details, read the charts below.

To truly address homelessness, we need our City leaders to open mental health/substance abuse centers and shelters and move people off the streets. Stay tuned for more details on D8 residents’ public forum with our elected officials.

If you see…

If you encounter issues reporting these situations contact the office of Supervisor Rafael Mandelman at mandelmanstaff@sfgov.org or (415) 554-6968

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No Green Garden Work in January 2020

Happy New Year! Thank you for all your help and hard work in 2019.

No Green Garden work today (January 4). E-mail stairs@doloresheights.org for more info.

See you in February!

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Check Out the New Garbage Can!

As the slogan used to go: “Every Litter But Helps!” We are proud to have played a part in acquiring f this new garbage can at the bottom of Sanchez and 20th Streets.

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Great Shots from our November Green Garden Day

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We Planted a King Sago Palm Tree!

The Green Garden team had a fun time planting the mother plant onto our hillside garden in November.  We should know in a few months if the transplant is successful. 

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Year-end Greetings from the DHIC Board

Happy Holidays and year-end greetings from the DHIC Board of Directors!  2019 has been quite a busy year for all of us as we participated in state legislation, city elections, and town hall meetings regarding our serious neighborhood issues of homelessness, crime, safety and, cleanliness. 

Here’s what we accomplished for Dolores Heights in 2019:

  • Supported the improvement of the Dolores Heights’ staircases in conjunction with the DHIC’s Green Garden Group and SFDPW’s First Saturday “Green Garden Days” as well as our neighborhood Stairway Stewards, who sweep, clean, and cultivate their nearby stairways throughout the year
  • Continued working with District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, city agency leaders, and other community leaders to obtain shelter and services for homeless people now camping on our streets and in Dolores Park
  • Secured enhanced neighborhood cleaning, Hot Team, and police services for the areas around Dolores Park and the Castro
  • Helped to build block groups and participated in a network of Block Safety Leaders throughout Dolores Heights
  • Hosted Supervisor Mandelman and city officials at our annual Spring and Fall Gatherings
  • Spoke out on behalf of Dolores Heights at city meetings on safety, housing issues, and homelessness
  • Partnered with the Dolores Park Ambassadors and San Francisco Parks and Rec to welcome all visitors to a clean and safe Dolores Park

We cannot do it without you. Support our work by sending us your 2020 dues. (DHIC membership is on a calendar-year basis. Basic dues are $25.) Join/renew online or by downloading our membership form here. For more information, write us at info@doloresheights.org

Thank you from the Board of The Dolores Heights Improvement Club!
Carolyn Kenady, Chair; John O’Duinn, Vice Chair; Joe Titi, Treasurer; and board members Jennifer Bury, Liz Clark, Rhett Currier, Hans Kolbe, and Bruce Muncil

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