A Letter from John O’Duinn – Chair of the DHIC Board

John O'Diunn, Chair of the DHIC Board

John O’Diunn, Chair of the DHIC Board

Hello neighbors and long-time friends.

If you are new to the area, welcome to Dolores Heights – and to the Dolores Heights Improvement Club (DHIC). The DHIC was established in the 1960’s and remains an all-volunteer residential neighborhood association.

We come together in the interest of the community to maintain and enhance our safety, neighborhood appearance and to encourage communication between neighbors. To deter crime, there are neighborhood watch programs, emergency call trees, mailing lists and even some coordination with SFPD.

Within the Dolores Heights neighborhood is the Dolores Heights Special Use District, a specially demarcated area established in 1980 to protect the special character of houses in this neighborhood as a response to the nearby demolition of homes to construct large apartment buildings. Housing is always a touchy subject here in San Francisco. Instead of having heated adversarial discussions in City Hall, we truly believe that helping neighbors work out their differences in a respectful, personal, manner early in the process leads to solutions that work for everyone and to better long term relations between neighbors!

To encourage neighbors get to know each other, we organize recurring community work on the stairs and other shared green spaces throughout the neighborhood, as well as an Annual Block Party – this year the block party will be on Saturday, October 8, 2016. Yes, that is coming up this weekend – you’ll find all the details on doloresheights.org.

If you have not already enrolled, please do join us – details here. If you want to renew early for 2017, please do! As always, all proceeds are used to fund neighborhood events, and all staff are unpaid volunteers.

I look forward to seeing you at the block party next week!

John O’Duinn
Chair of the Board

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