October 1 Was a PERFECT Day for Green Gardens!

Save The Date for our next Green Garden Day, Saturday, November 5 from 9 am-noon at 19th and Sanchez Streets.

Our Green Garden Day at 20th & Noe Streets on October 1, 2016, had good turnout to clean, mulch, trim, and plant many sustainable succulents. It was the PERFECT day to garden! A good time was had by all!!!

Eighteen volunteers put in a total of 41 hours of time and labor, filling four compost bags and creating a cutting pile 8’ X 8’ X 4’. Thanks again to the SFDPW for help with supplies and green waste pickup coordination.

Green Garden Days are fun for the whole family – even the dogs get into the act!

The 20th St. and Noe green space is much improved after our four Green Garden Days there in the past 16 months. Weeds and water-needy plants have been replaced, a good portion of the area has been mulched, access walkways have carved into the previous inaccessible slope, succulent flowers are blooming, and best of all, neighborhood safety and community have been enhanced. Neighbors have enthusiastically taken stewardship of our great neighborhood green resource. Yipeeeeeee!



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