Forming New Block Groups to Promote Neighborhood Safety

People are talking, posting, & emailing about safety and sanitary issues in our neighborhood.  SFPD reports that car break-ins in our police district are higher than in 2016.  Burglaries are also a big police concern.  Then came the Mission Dolores Park trashfest on April 1 weekend.  No fooling, park-goers enjoyed the sun, food, and beverages including alcohol.  Then they departed leaving behind enough litter to fill 460 trash bags.  Nearby residents reported lots of spillover from the park … litter on their streets and people urinating on stairways.  Then the party seemed to continue when 20th Street residents found a big pile of garbage next to the 20th & Sanchez Street steps early on Wednesday April 5.

Fortunately, 20th Street Block Group neighbors and DHIC leaders quickly requested City services   And District 8 Supervisor Jeff Sheehy helped to get a DPW crew out in the early am. So the City removed the trash by 8:30 that morning.  We urge neighbors to call 311 or download the 311 smartphone app  for clean-up of graffiti & trash and to request other services.

Call 911 for emergencies or 415-553-0123 to request a drive-by of suspicious activities or other non-emergence police services.  Take pictures and share them with and your local neighbor email alias.

Stay tuned for info on forming more block groups in Dolores Heights.  And come to our Spring Gathering on Sat. June 3 for a live conversation with Supervisor Sheehy and your neighbors


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