What is the DHIC Planning & Land Use (PLU) Committee?

Why do we exist and what do we do??

Our goal is to be a resource to help residents engage in all phases of the planning process.  We work with neighbors to understand the City’s Planning Code & its planning process, to help navigate the process, especially in the early stages of a project, and to be a voice for balanced development in Dolores Heights.  We are committed to the letter and spirit of the Dolores Heights Special Use District (DH SUD) and to its vision of our neighborhood’s unique character.  How do we do our work? We help neighbors understand the potential impacts of proposed projects and meet with developers to discuss applicable codes and guidelines.   We attend public meetings on proposed residential projects in Dolores Heights.  We can take positions (support, neutral, or oppose) on projects within Dolores Heights, but we strive to seek compromise and accommodation whenever possible.  We also speak at SF Planning Commission meetings and work with other neighborhood associations on broader topics that affect our neighborhood.  What can you do if a development project is proposed near you?  Let us know about it.  Email us (with the Pre-App or other notice received) to our alias: PLU@doloresheights.org.     More on committee members & our recent activities in the next issue.  We welcome your thoughts.  To contact us or attend any of our meetings, please write us at PLU@doloresheights.org.

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