Block Safety Groups – Help Us Prevent Crime

Have you noticed … we’re seeing more crime and an influx of homeless and other people using drugs and drinking, etc. on the stairs and around our neighborhood. Some people from the weekend crowds at Dolores Park also bring their trash, drinking/drugs, public urination, etc into Dolores Heights as well.

As part of our safety work, DHIC leaders are setting up block safety groups for their streets. They’ve been a big help in dealing with petty crime and overall street safety. Getting started is easy. Residents create an email distribution list for sharing updates on suspicious activities or crimes on their block. They host a briefing with the City’s program manager for theSFSafe.orgprogram. And they select a block captain (rotating role), periodically hold block meetings, and keep everyone connected. DHIC can help you and your neighbors start a block safety group.

If you’re concerned about the safety and cleanliness of Dolores Heights and Dolores Park, then get involved. Start by emailinginfo@doloresheights.organd by talking to your neighbors about forming a block group.

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