Conversation with Supervisor Sheehy at the Spring Gathering:

Neighbors tell Supervisor Sheehy “we’re concerned for ourselves, our children, & our neighborhood” 

On Saturday June 3, DHIC held our Spring Gathering for Dolores Heights neighbors.  We invited Supervisor Jeff Sheehy to talk with neighbors.  It was a focused and lively discussion! 

We met at the top of the Sanchez stairs (see photo) where our Green Gardens group had just finished its monthly stairway clean-up.  They showed the Supervisor a container full of syringes and photos of trash, clothing, and other garbage left by homeless people who use the stairs (and surrounding green space) for sleeping, eating, peeing/defecating, and taking drugs.  

Among the 40 residents at the meeting, many told stories illustrating the increase in homeless, drug users, and crime in our community.  People under the influence walk up to resident’s front doors & stare inside.  Cars park on dead end streets and visitors hold impromptu sidewalk parties that include drugs & nudity.  Parents highlighted their concern for their children who walk alone to the store, to the bus, etc. 

Neighbors also cited the crowds at Mission Dolores Park who literally “trash” the park every weekend and who spill over into the surrounding residential streets – urinating, using drugs, and leaving garbage on sidewalks.   Supervisor Sheehy listened to us all, asked questions, and took notes on possible solutions for our Dolores Park issues.  

Fast forward to early July: Supervisor Sheehy is sponsoring legislation intended to discourage littering in the Park. SFPD and the Park Rangers are more visible and responsive to issues in the Park.  Yet, Dolores Park continues to be the nexus for crime (stabbings, robberies), drug sales, and disruptions (most recently the July 11 skateboarders’ “hill bombing” on Dolores Street.).  

We still face daily safety issues.  DHIC’s safety group summarized the issues raised at the Spring Gathering in an email to the Supervisor and is requesting a follow-up meeting with him to discuss our priorities and recommendations.  (See Letter from the Chair)

Please give us your stories and feedback on homeless, crime, & “quality of life” issues in Dolores Park – so we can show our city officials that more action is needed!   Email us at  


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