First Saturday Green Garden Days in Dolores Heights

Since March 7, 2015, neighbors in the Dolores Heights Community have come together on the first Saturday of each month from 9-11 am to garden and clean the various staircase areas.

The main objectives of this DHIC sponsored gathering have been to: build community, have neighbors get to know each other, improve the landscape, and make these areas safer so others are encouraged to treat the areas with respect.

Each month, 20-25 neighbors spend a few hours together visiting over specially baked goods and a cup or two of coffee. Spike’s generously donates our coffee each month. The morale has been high with these Green Garden Days, and people leave feeling like they have contributed in a positive way to their community. Here are the dates/location of the remaining Green Garden Days for 2017:

– August 5, 20th and Noe Streets

– September 23, 20th and Sanchez (midpoint between Sept. 2 -Labor Day and Oct. 7 DHIC Block Party)

– November 4, TBD

– December 2, TBD

We hope to welcome more neighbors to these garden days!

Respectfully submitted by,

Darby Auerbach-Morris, Co-Chair DHIC and 20th NW Garden and Safety

Bruce Muncil, Co-Chair DHIC and 20th NW Garden and Safety

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