Attend the Community Meeting on Dolores Park – August 21 @ 6 pm – Dolores Park Church

In response to the August 3 shooting in the Park, Supervisor Jeff Sheehy and other city officials are holding a community meeting on Monday, August 21 from 6pm to 7:30 pm at Dolores Park Church, 455 Dolores Street.  Police and other city officials will be there.  It’s to discuss how the City and community can collaborate together to make Dolores Park a safe and inviting space for all.  Please attend and participate in the discussion.

Since the shooting, DHIC and other neighborhood groups are communicating with Sheehy’s office and with SFPD.  We are walking in the Park, asking park goers to join a community network to support safety in the Park and in our neighborhoods.  We are working with residents to set up block safety groups.  And we are talking with other neighborhood associations to gain consensus on priorities and on the community’s role in keeping the Park safe and enjoyable.  If you want to help Dolores Park to be a safe and enjoyable place, please connect with us at

To view TV coverage of DHIC work in Dolores Park, please  click on this link.

The Park touches many neighborhoods, people, and City agencies.  Together, we can work to protect the Park and our surrounding neighborhoods.  Join us at the meeting on Monday, August 21 at Dolores Park Church.

More information on the DHIC Website

DHIC can help you start a block safety group. 

Contact us at


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Membership in the Dolores Heights Improvement Club is open to all persons owning property or residing within the area approximately bounded by the following four streets: Castro, 18th Street, Dolores Street and 22nd Street in San Francisco, CA. These boundaries include the buildings on both sides of these boundary streets.

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