DHIC Response to Shooting in Dolores Park

On Friday, August 3rd at ~3pm, an unknown gunman shot three people in the Park by the 19th Street bridge.  This terrible crime follows an increase in trash, public urination, open drug dealing, and recent gang presence in the Park. While the vast majority of the large crowds in the park have been good natured, enjoying the park and the view, every neighbor who walks the Park knows that problems caused by a small group have been growing.  In June, DHIC helped form a group of neighbors who developed recommendations for the Park.  And Dolores Heights block safety groups have recommended to specific changes to SFPD and Rec and Parks for many years.

The shooting galvanized us to act.  DHIC and other community members were in the Park on Saturday, August 5 distributing fliers and collecting names/emails of concerned residents to join the community network.  We need SFPD to prevent crime and gang activity in the Park.  We also need Rec/Park Rangers and community members reminding park goers to take care of the Park.   Finally, the City services (trash bins, porta-potties, & signage) must scale up for the weekend Park crowds (like City street fairs.)  The “overflow” from the Park of trash, public urination, drug use, vandalism/ thefts into our adjacent neighborhoods needs to stop.

On August 21 City officials will be at a community meeting to discuss the go-forward plan.  Details of exact time and location to follow.  Please attend to support a safe and enjoyable Park for us all.

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