Help Keep Dolores Heights and Dolores Park Safe and Enjoyable

Carolyn Kenady, Chair of the Board of the Dolores Heights Improvement Club

Since this Spring DHIC and Dolores Heights residents have been communicating with our elected officials and police representatives about the increased crime, drug use, and vagrancy in our area.   We’ve also worked with neighbors to set up block safety groups in Dolores Heights.  

In July DHIC Board member Hans Kolbe and Dolores Parks Works founder Robert Brust,  along with other residents formed the Dolores Park Ambassadors to advocate for a safe and enjoyable park.  

The terrible August 3 shooting of three people in Dolores Park got Police and City officials focused on keeping the Park safe.  We gave recommendations to Supv. Jeff Sheehy to address issues in the park and surrounding area.  At the August 21 Community Meeting on Dolores Park organized by the supervisor, SFPD Chief William Scott confirmed that the shooting was gang-related and acknowledged its extraordinary impact.

“[The shooting] was a huge, huge event for the city, and Dolores Park,” he said. “When we get to the level of violence when someone is shot midday, it is cause for serious concern.”   

SFPD Mission Station Captain Bill Griffin committed to maintaining the ongoing police presence in Dolores Park –  two officers starting at 11 am every day, as well as motorcycle officers.  Jeff Kelton, one of the shooting victims, spoke at the meeting to thank the police and community.  He emphasized that crime is not restricted to Dolores Park and recommended that SFPD focus on surrounding neighborhoods.  Hans asked for a multi-pronged plan with checkpoint meetings with community, business, and city representatives.  The next step is a working meeting with Supervisor Sheehy’s staff and stakeholders to address the non-police elements of the plan.  

The bigger crime picture is still a moving target. The Mission Police District crime stats confirm it’s on the upswing with car break-ins up 182% over last year.  So on August 31 Chief Scott quadrupled foot patrols in our police district to help fight crime in our neighborhoods.  

SFPD is engaged.  Our Supervisor is committed.  Rec & Parks is on board.  Other neighborhood groups are involved.  We can reduce crime, drugs, vagrancy, and out of control partying/trashing of the park and our neighborhoods.

What do we need from you?

Give us your support and help to make our neighborhood and Dolores Park safe and enjoyable.  Here’s what you can do:

  • Come to DHIC’s Neighborhood Block party on Saturday, October 7 (on Sanchez Street between 21st & Hill Streets) for more info on neighborhood resilience and safety and for Q&A with an invited SFPD representative
  • Educate and involve your neighbors in safety awareness and emergency and City service contact info
  • Organize a Block Safety group on your street (Write for help starting one)
  • Write Supervisor Sheehy ( to thank him and to let him know that Dolores Heights needs a continued focus on crime in the park and in the neighborhood
  • Join DHIC and come to our Neighborhood Block Party on Sat. Oct 7

Stand with your neighbors and with our neighborhood.  Thank you.  And please write me at with your comments and ideas.  


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