Do you love Dolores? Heres whats happening with the Park

The Dolores Park Ambassadors formed in July 2017 to ensure that the park is safe and enjoyable for all. Members of the group testified at the August 21 Community meeting held in August following the shooting. They urged SF Rec & Parks to assign two Rangers permanently to the park and to install the security cameras. The Rangers are here and the cameras are now activated in key areas of the park! They’ve also sponsored more events for community engagement. Assisted by the SF Rec & Parks gardeners, they’ve held three Dolores Park garden days for volunteers to work on plantings. And on Sunday, November 5,SF Rec & Parks and the Ambassadors sponsored a no glass containers in the park day. The message bring plastic or cans to prevent cuts and injuries got a big thumbs up of support from park-goers.

Even though the park slows down during the winter months, the Ambassadors have big plans. We would like to see some cultural events in the park in 2018. says Hans Kolbe. The Ambassadors are collaborating with the Eureka Valley Neighborhood association and the Pink Triangle Park initiative (17th/Market St). As part of this history and cultural event we will support a garden work day and memorial event on Jan 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day. A Cypress tree will be dedicated in honor of the victims and survivors of hate and bigotry. For March 2018 we are preparing a history event to honor the Ohlone tribe of Native Americans, who had their original homes in and around the Dolores Park area. Our collaboration with the city, the District 8 Supervisor Jeff Sheehy, and the Love Dolores Initiative will resume in April with monthly events on the weekends.

And Robert Brust added were still concerned about trash; SF Rec & Parks needs a proactive plan to avert another trashfest like the April 4-5, 2017 mountain of debris. Theyre also advocating for sets of three portable Recology bins (one for each waste stream) in the park every weekend.

Hans and Robert invite everyone who enjoys the park to the next Ambassadors community meeting on Thursday, February 15, 6 to 7 pm at the Dolores Park Church Office Building, 65 Dorland, Room 423. Expect representatives from Park Rangers, gardeners and maintenance, SFPD and the Love Dolores Campaign to attend.

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