Dolores Park Neighborhood Engagement Project Kick-Off Application

Project Application

DEADLINE: Tuesday, December 13, 2017 by 11:59PM

Title of Proposed Project*

Dolores Park Neighborhood Engagement Kick-Off

What category does your project fall under?*

Beautification and Open Space; Neighborhood and Community services, Culture and Arts

Describe your project proposal

The project will the initiate a new level of neighborhood engagement to care for, enhance, and protect Dolores Park, a jewel of our city. It took a long time and a lot of money to make it beautiful, thousands of neighbors and visitors are enjoying the park every week. Unfortunately, we are having significant security issues, robberies, stabbing, and even shooting have occurred in this park over the last few months. Trash is left in the park. Human waste and garbage is being dumped in side streets.

We think we can do better! We think we can do this from the ground up with citizens initiatives! An ongoing active neighborhood engagement is the most effective way to protect and improve the park. Seven months ago a few concerned citizens responded by forming an action group, Dolores Park Ambassadors. We reached out and have organized neighbors and neighborhood organizations, dog owners, school teachers, sports and exercise enthusiasts, musicians, parents with young children, jugglers and Park visitors. The combined efforts of all organizations have made a big difference, and we have created a visible presence of support and compassionate oversight.

However, we need funding to build the initial framework to engage the neighborhood and to create a sustainable and continuous neighborhood participation. We have a lots of ideas and a lot of enthusiasm. There is a long list of potential activities, neighborhood presentations, cultural and musical events, history tours and exhibits, sports, arts, and dog competitions. We also have small and large businesses who are willing to participate and match funds. We are applying for a 6-months period to kick-start a neighborhood stakeholders group that is supported by a program manager. This group will coordinate with the Love Dolores program and produce 2-3 public events during 2018, bi-weekly or monthly sessions to develop an activity and funding plan.

Cost Estimates:

$ per Hr. Hr. /Week * Weeks Results
Organizer 30 10 20 6,000.00
T-Shirts, Flyers 1 600 3 1,800.00
Events 1 800 3 2,400.00
Fund Raising Research 1 800 1 800.00

What are the goals of this project?*

  • Kick-Start an organized forum for participation by neighbors, neighborhood groups, schools, businesses, and other interested parties
  • Increase the enjoyment of the park as well as the quality of life in the surrounding streets and neighborhoods through active participation of the residents. The ability to engage in positive action increases life quality.
  • Reduce unwanted behavior in the park and the surrounding streets, dumping trash and glass, public urination, drug use, and crime. Neighborhood presence will be an important factor to improve the safety and enjoyment of the park.
  • Initiate sustainable participation of neighborhood stakeholders
  • Create an activity plan that brings local artists and creative groups into the park, funding needs, and funding options for continued activities
  • Celebrate the diversity of our area by creating cultural, artistic, and spiritual events produced by local groups (Mission, Castro, Noe Valley, etc) and showcase neighborhood life and history

Who will this project specifically serve? (i.e. youth, small business community, seniors, etc.)*

  • Mission Dolores park visitors which include: local residents, SF residents, outside City visitors (approx. 1/3 each of total park visitors), local businesses and community institutions (four nearby churches and three nearby schools), cultural groups who rehearse/perform in the Park and history buffs
  • Parents with young children
  • Schools who organize sports and lunches in the park
  • Neighbors in the surrounding streets can come to the park to enjoy locally-grown activities that highlight our areas artists and cultural resources
  • Everyone will benefit from activities that encourage local pride and discourage trashing Mission Dolores Park (e.g., dumping garbage, glass, etc and using the park and surrounding streets as a locus for crime.)

Is your proposal a supplement or an addition to an existing project/program?



  • Integrate with SF Rec & Parks Department, especially the Love Dolores Program.
  • Partner with all neighborhood associations (Mission Dolores, Liberty Hill, Dolores Heights, Eureka Valley) and the neighborhood watch group (SAFE Agency).
  • Utilize existing connections SF Park Alliance, Dolores Park Works, Dolores Park Dogs, Friends of Dolores Playground and other groups.
  • Collaborate with Merchants organizations in the Castro, Mission, Noe Valleyh
  • Individual merchant participation (Bi-Rite; Dolores Park Caf, Dolores Outpost, F&G Grocery, Guerrero Market)
  • Religious organizations (Mission Dolores Basilica, Dolores Park Church, Society of St Francis; Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of SF Bay Area, )
  • Cultural Organizations (SF Mime Troup, the Marsh, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts;
  • Schools (SF Day School Park Clean up days, Mission High School)
  • Sports Organizations (Zog Sports, SF Bike Polo club)
  • Walk San Francisco
  • Gardening Groups

Do you have any existing matching funds or resources to support this project?*



  • Love Dolores Program has existing funds and resources, has expressed willingness to support
  • Neighborhood organizations are volunteering to help with planning, volunteers, and activities
  • Noe Valley Town Square organizers are ready to co-organize cultural, music, and arts events of the neighborhood
  • Church on Dolores Street can provide meeting space for planning sessions
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