New Year’s Greetings from the DHIC Board

Hello Neighbors!

On behalf of the Dolores Heights Improvement Club Board, we hope that everyone had a great holiday season. Tom & Jerrys Holiday Tree – celebrating its 30th anniversary – drew many visitors.

We wish you a happy and healthy 2018 and will work with you to make Dolores Heights an enjoyable and safe neighborhood for residents and for our many visitors who enjoy our hills, gardens, stairways, and views.

Heres what were doing in 2018 to achieve these goals:

  • Supporting our Block Safety Groups. Crime is on the upswing especially in the Mission Police Stations district. For more information, please see our articles about Block Safety, about the new Mission Police Captain, and the KQED interview with SFPD Chief Bill Scott in this newsletter. To get involved with your block group, email us at
  • Continuing our Green Gardens monthly stairway clean-ups. Join us on Saturday, January 6 from 9am – 11am at the Noe & 20th Street stairs (see article below for more details on the Committees work)
  • Being ambassadors for a safe and enjoyable Dolores Park. We stepped up to address problems in the Park and have proposed several projects in 2018 to continue that work (see article on participatory budgeting.) everyone who enjoys the park should email the Dolores Park Ambassadors at
    to be alerted about park events.
  • Advocating for balanced land use projects. Our Planning and Land Use Committee (PLU) protects the letter and spirit of the Dolores Heights Special Use District (DH SUD). We monitor projects to ensure that they adhere to the DH SUD. You can help by contacting us (at when a new project is proposed in our neighborhood. We also evaluate proposed SF Planning policies and lobby for changes when they have negative impacts on Dolores Heights
  • Growing our community engagement. Our Fall Block Party brought together neighbors and our elected and City officials. We also kicked off our 2018 membership drive. Numbers count! Join DHIC to increase our impact on elected officials, city departments, and stakeholders who affect Dolores Heights.

Make 2018 the year when you engage in the issues of your Dolores Heights Community! There are fun and gratifying activities for everyone from neighborhood safety, gardening, stairway greening, Dolores Park advocacy, and land planning. No worries if youre busy. We rightsize involvement to fit people’s schedules – from once every few months to more frequent activities. And if you have super powers like writing/communications, lobbying/regulatory, or other skills, let us know!

Carolyn Kenady

Chair, DHIC Board


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