Report from the Dolores Park Ambassadors

Some of the meeting highlights from the third Dolores Park Ambassadors‘ community meeting include:

  • Rec & Parks has increased its trash pickup program, 3x pickup daily – with last one after 7 pm on weekends. They are ready to scale up further as warm weather brings more park visitors.
  • Video cameras have been installed at the northern end of the park. Cameras on the west, east and south park borders and center lanes will follow in early 2018.
  • Park Rangers are in the park daily from noon to 8 pm – with two rangers on duty continuously on weekends. Park Rangers radios now connect to SFPD channel which speeds up police response to issues. Police patrol the park during closed hours when rangers are not present.
  • Supervisor Sheehy spoke about the city’s commitment to the park, the neighborhood residents, and a long term support program. Different organization options are being evaluated. Among them Community Benefit District, Green Benefit District, and private-public partnerships.
  • Sam Mogannam from Bi-Rite talked about how his business is helping to keep the neighborhood and the park safe and enjoyable: daily sidewalk cleaning / sweeping; encouraging non-glass containers for beverages to the park; participating in organizing neighborhood businesses.

During a spirited discussion on continued park violations and trashfest, the group agreed that the situation has greatly improved. We now worry about bottle caps and glass splinters instead of bullets and knives. And that a combination of education, appeal, and enforcement is needed, and finally, that we want to encourage the “San Francisco Culture” of creative expression, fun, and freedom while making sure park-goers and the Park areas safe and protected.

The Ambassadors set these priorities for 2018. To get involved, reach out to the steward listed:

  1. Ambassadors & Dogs Presence in the Park: outreach, dog-group activities, pursuing the Bio-Fuel Dog Poop to Gas Lights in the Park conversion idea. Steward: Dana De Lara,
  2. Outreach to Neighboring Streets: connect with neighborhood initiatives on nearby streets. Develop proposals for collaborative activities and city support. Steward: Gideon Kramer,
  3. Dolores Park History Day and cultural activities: On Saturday, May 26, showcase and celebrate the rich History of the park locale from Native settlements, Mission era, earthquake refugee camp to its renovated splendor. Stewards: Andres Patino; Hans Kolbe
  4. Dolores Park Gardeners: With the Rec & Parks department, volunteers identify gardening opportunities and work monthly in the park. Steward: Robert Brust
  5. Long Term Organization Strategy: Should we set up a Community Benefit District? Private funding sources? Continue conversations with mayors office, businesses, and stakeholders. Steward: Sam Mogannam
  6. Deep Dive Strategy & Controversies: This group needs to prepare controversial topics for a productive discussion.. Topics collected at the meeting include: How to deal with rules? How can we effectively deal with trash? How can we include other stakeholders (like fully or partially homeless, the half-legal vendors) into the solutions? Steward: NONE yet .. what about you?

Thank you for your support and see you in the park!

The Park in the Winter Light

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