Tidal Wave of Auto Burglaries: What We Can Do

In 2017 the City had 31,120 car break-ins (over 85 per day) of which 2% were prosecuted. Remember to lock your car and to remove all property from your car.

Given this massive increase, SFPD and the District Attorney are revving up their efforts to catch/prosecute these crimes. A small group of criminals commit most car break-ins. Mission District Police Captain Caltagirone asks residents to call 911 if you witness a car burglary in progress. Your description may help police spot the perpetrator nearby. Also note:Cars with keyless entries are vulnerable. Criminals can build a receiver that mimics keyless entry signal. You can neutralize these devices by placing your key fob inside a Faraday bag.

Because a small number of people commit the vast majority of these crimes, the DA’s office is targeting the most prolific offenders – hoping to reduce quickly the number of incidents in San Francisco.

To assist with this effort the DA asks citizens to:

  1. Use the digital tip line increase the amount of evidence we receive
  2. Support the DAs request for an auto burglary task force
  3. Support SB 916 which adds or when forced entry is used to the auto burglary statute. The law currently requires prosecutors to prove that the car was locked — even when broken glass shows that a break & grab occurred. SB 916 closes this loophole which prevented many convictions.

You can read the DA’sfull letter and/or download support letters to send on items #2 & 3.

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