Update on Upzoning

As we mentioned last month, we are very worried about the impact of State Senator Scott Wiener‘s bill SB 827. This bill would result in upzoning almost all of San Francisco. It also would effectively mark the end of the Dolores Heights Special Use District. Height limits here would be increased to 55′, or in some cases even 75’ for streets wider than 45 feet.

We believe the bill needs to be dramatically changed or scrapped. We are working with our Supervisor, other City officials, neighborhood groups across the City, and groups from around the State, to lobby Sacramento to stop this threat. On Thursday, February 8, the City’s Planning Department issued a must-read analysis of SB 827. Per the Planning analysis, virtually the entire city would be affected. It would significantly upzone most of the City. In addition, the law doesnt prohibit the addition of State Density Bonuses. So height limits could actually be 65′, 75′-85′, and over 100 feet depending on the street width. Our fear is that the future is being given away to solve a problem of today, but at any cost. Thats just wrong.

We are not alone. The League of California Cities, the Los Angeles Times, the Sierra Club, and the Cities of Milpitas and Palo Alto among many others oppose the bill. Senator Wiener has also heard concerns from his constituents. He announced that he is amending the bill to address displacement/evictions and local affordable housing initiatives. These changes do not alter the cookie-cutter approach of setting height limits and increasing density without regard to infrastructure needs and neighborhood context. If you agree, please call or email Senator Wiener to register your opposition to SB 827.

On February 27, Senator Wiener released amendments to the bill. We are still evaluating the impacts. At this point, we believe that the DH SUD would still be among the areas of the City which are upzoned by the amended bill.

State Senator Scott Wiener


Capitol Office
State Capitol
Room 4066
Sacramento, CA 95814-4900
(916) 651-4011

District Office
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Suite 14800
San Francisco, CA 94102
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