DHIC Fact Sheet on Senate Bill 827

If passed, Senate Bill 827 would create a new bonus program for developers that would:

  • Remove current height controls. In Dolores Heights, height limits are 35 (inside the Special Use District) or 40. SB 827 would increase these limits to a minimum of 55 or 85, depending on the street, or even 75 or 105 when combined with other State programs – thats right, two or three times todays height limits.
  • Allow a developer to jam in as many units on a lot as can fit. Currently zoning for density is eliminated. The Planning Department estimates a typical 25×100 lot could contain 10 or more units.
  • Remove minimum parking requirements. Occupants of these buildings would be forced to park their vehicles on the street, creating parking congestion.
  • Take away your voice in neighborhood planning. Neither you as a resident nor San Francisco city government can appeal these State height and density mandates.

If passed, Senate Bill 827 also would:

  • NOT protect tenants who will be displaced by construction.
  • NOT provide any additional affordable housing.
  • NOT provide for needed infrastructure to support new units.
  • NOT provide for added demand for public safety services.

A growing number of cities, the Sierra Club, the League of California Cities, and numerous neighborhood groups – including the Dolores Heights Improvement Club – are opposing this bill.

The Board of Supervisors will be voting on April 3 on whether to oppose SB 827. We are asking that you write our Supervisor Jeff Sheehy and all the members of the Board and ask them to oppose this bill.

Please also email Scott Wiener at scott.wiener@sen.ca.gov.

if you have any questions, want to learn more about this bill, or would like sample emails to send, please contact me.

Thank You

Bruce Bowen bruce.r.bowen@gmail.com


Emails for:

Supervisor Jeff Sheehy jeff.sheehy@sfgov.org

Board of Supervisors board.of.supervisors@sfgov.org


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