What a Wonderful Spring Gathering!

Thank you for joining us!

Jeff SheehyandRafael Mandelman (our candidates for D8 Supervisor) spoke with and then answered questions from Dolores Heights neighborson Saturdaymorning. We met at the dead end at the top of the Sanchez stairs. The candidates both cited homelessness and affordable housing as key issues in D8 and in San Francisco. They outlined what they’ve done (and plan to do if elected in June) to solve these big challenges. ABC Channel 7 just postedcandidate statement videos and candidate questionnairesfrom both Jeff and Rafael. Very informative if you missed our meeting or want to learn more.

Prior to the Spring Gathering with our D8 candidates, we had a lively firstSaturdaystairway clean-up (caffeine and donuts always energize the clean-up crew.) The Sanchez stairway and its west slope are looking really great! Thank you to the Green Gardens committee! (Click HERE to read the stats from their clean up.)

Thanks to Liz Clark for all these wonderful photos! We need your support to be a voice for our neighborhood. Numbers count when we work our city officials and when we advocate for our community at the city and state level. Please renew (or join) for 2018.

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