Do you know Audrey’s Bench?

Nestled among the plants near the southwest corner of Sanchez & 21st Streets is a beautiful sculpted wood bench. Its a great place to enjoy the views from Sanchez hilltop or to catch your breath after ascending the hill on one of the four steep streets. Created in 1997 as a memorial to Dolores Heights activist, Audrey Penn Rodgers, the redwood seat is a fitting memorial to a tireless leader.


Audrey led the campaign from 1978 – 1980 that obtained Board of Supervisors’ adoption for the Dolores Heights Special Use District (DH SUD). The DH SUD with its 45% rear yard setbacks and 35 foot height limit balances the natural and the built environment. Audrey’s work protected the amazing views of the City and the Bay for visitors and residents to enjoy from every street corner and sidewalk in our neighborhood.

Dolores Heights was recognized in the San Francisco General Plan for its uniform scale of buildings, mixed with abundant landscaping in yards and steep street areas. Rows of houses built from nearly identical plans that form complete or partial block frontages, arranged on hillside streets as a stepped-down series of flat or gabled roofs. Building setbacks with gardens set before Victorian facades and interesting entryways.

While youre relaxing at Audreys bench, think about what Audrey and other neighborhood leaders helped make Dolores Heights a place in which we love to live. And take the time to join DHIC. Help us continue our work as advocates for our neighborhood and our neighbors.

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