Real Foods Site to be Sub-divided

Vacant for 15 years, the old Real Foods grocery store at 3939 24th Street was acquired by MWA LLC, a group of commercial property developers.

The good news: the developers want to complete the renovation and rent the stores within six months.

The not so good news: they arent interested in adding housing above the current ground floor.

At a pre-application meeting on June 27, Mitchell Benjamin, architect for the propertys new owners, presented plans to renovate the 4500 square foot space into three retail spaces. The project will be entirely within the envelope with no vertical or horizontal additions.

Neighbors attending the meeting from Noe Valley and from DHIC asked about adding upper floors for housing.Per Mr. Benjamin,the owners want to open the retail property as quickly as possible so they do not want to go through the residential permitting process.

Stay tuned. This project requiresConditional Use Authorization in order to replace a grocery store with retail stores. So the Planning Commission will review the owners project application. For more information, email

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