Dolores Park Ambassadors Help City with Growing Homeless Encampments

During the last few weeks of August, neighbors noticed a growing homeless presence at Dolores Park. Folks started to gather on the edge of of the lawn next to Dolores Street, their belongings and tents stacked up on the strip of lawn next to the curb. Ironically, this gathering occurred right after Supervisor Mandelman and Mayor Breed took a first-hand look at the Castro and Dolores Park to assess the homeless, street cleanliness, and general quality of life.

The Dolores Park Ambassadors group alerted the Dolores Park rangers, the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT), DPW, and Mission Station Captain Caltagirone. They also contacted Supervisor Mandelman. The groups worked together very effectively to resolve a potential homeless .

Robert Brust, a Dolores Park Ambassador leader, emailed Captain Caltagirone, “We would like to thank you and your officers DPW, Park Patrol, HOT, and Supervisor Mandelman for all your efforts.”

Coordination between City agencies and the neighbors is essential if we are to prevent the park and our community from becoming a large scale homeless refuge Brust explained.

If you see issues in the park, alert the Park District rangers. Two rangers are on duty during peak hours (typically later morning through sundown.)

Park Rangers general dispatch:(415)

Always include 311 for any City service issue. This will log and track your issue and helps coordinate all City agencies. Calling Supervisor Mandelmans office is also effective for getting quick results. And you can always contact SFPD directly.

SF311 – online, call or try the app

911 – if there is an ongoing crime or threat of violence.

Homeless Outreach, the HOT team, (415) 355-7401

District 8 Board of Supervisors Constituent Services, Tom Temprano – 415 554 6968,

SFPD Mission Station desk – 415 558 5400 and Captain Gaetano Caltagirone,

Dolores Park is a jewel in our neighborhood because the community cares. To receive updates or volunteer with Dolores Park Ambassadors,

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