Stop State Overreach on Housing

Yet again, our state legislators want to impose state control over local housing decisions. SB-828 introduced earlier this year significantly increases the Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA) targets for every jurisdiction in California including San Francisco. This comes on the heels of ten bills passed by the state legislature in 2017 to accelerate housing production. San Francisco is meeting its RHNA target for market rate housing. The City has 60,000 units in its pipeline and has a total capacity of 143,000 housing units. San Francisco’s housing shortfall is in the affordable, not market rate, category. (Housing data fromSF Planning Commission, February 2018.) Keep in mind that the City doesn’t build housing. Developers build. So San Francisco will be saddled with higher targets and no direct power to build more housing.

Just as our City has stepped up to increase housing – especially affordable housing, Senator Wiener seeks to increase our targets. SB 828 would double the numeric housing targets for every California jurisdiction. These increased housing targets create significant, unfunded state and local financial consequences estimated by the Department of Housing & Community Development at $741,000 annually. So not only this bill is bad housing policy, its also bad fiscally. SB 828 goes to the Assembly Appropriations Committee in early August to consider its financial implications to the state budget, not policy implications. Your action can help defeat the bill.

Please let our state legislators know that you oppose SB 828. For details on how to email or call them click here

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