Real Foods = Retail Only and No Housing

The long-vacant Real Foods property at 3939 24th Street was acquired last year by the MWA LLC who promised to revive the site. The plans they showed to neighbors in June featured retail stores and no housing. DHIC, Noe Neighbors Council, and individual neighbors gave feedback at a public meeting – pointing out that housing above the retail shops would provide much-needed housing for the community and add to the vitality of 24th Street. We asked the project sponsor to add housing. The answer was no.

On Thursday, October 4 Dolores Heights Improvement Club (DHIC) will ask the Planning Commission to disapprove this change of use to small retail stores and instead to ask the project sponsors to include apartments above the ground-floor retail stores. Approving this project for retail-only space squanders an opportunity to add much-needed housing in a site thats zoned for mixed-use (commercial and residential) buildings. And this project can add more homes without displacing current residents. Approving a retail-only project contradicts our Mayor’s and other elected officials stated position to produce more housing. It also runs counter to our City planning departments actions and policies that encourage greater housing density. The Conditional Use Authorization for this project, very near to Dolores Heights, should be rejected unless housing is included on this site.


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