DHIC PLU Committee Sees Increase in Planned Construction Activity

The DHIC Planning & Land Use Committee (PLU)currently seeing an increase in planned construction activity in Dolores Heights. There are four proposed or pending demolitions, at 357 Cumberland, 617 Sanchez, 801 Sanchez and 835 Sanchez. Smaller proposed projects (remodels or additions) include 327 Cumberland, 328 Cumberland, 258 Cumberland, 674 Sanchez, 350 Liberty, 428 Liberty, and 439 Hill. These projects are in various stages at the Planning Department. We also know of another demolition and other projects that are under consideration. We support proposed legislation sponsored by Supervisors Peskin, Mandelman, and four other supervisors that would strengthen controls on both legal and illegal demolitions and help preserve existing housing.

(Click HERE for a map of “Active Permits in my Neighborhood”)

DHIC serves as a resource for all neighbors involved in or affected by projects. We can help neighbors who are affected by a proposed project. We also review all proposed projects and may take a position (support or oppose) for a proposed project. We work to ensure compliance with the letter and spirit of the Dolores Heights Special Use District (35 foot height limit and 45% rear yard setback), other City rules, and applicable Residential Design Guidelines. Our goal is to preserve and provide for our special neighborhood.

In Sacramento this year, we expect another busy year with legislation that will affect local planning. Senator Wiener has again introduced a bill – SB 50 – that over-rules local zoning rules to allow greater density and taller buildings in areas near transit. This includes Dolores Heights and most of San Francisco. This bill (similar to 2018s SB 827) would override our height limits & rear yard setbacks for qualifying projects. Legislation in Sacramento and San Francisco is also expected to streamline approval of Accessory Dwelling Units. For more information, write to PLU@doloresheights.org

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