Important Updates from the Dolores Park Ambassadors

A wet Valentines Day in the Park – a lucky sunny minute.

Dear Fellow Dolores Park Ambassadors and Friends,

Just a short hello we are still around, still visiting the park, normally in a rush to avoid getting soaked and careful not to slip in the mud. It looks like to be a few days of sun, drying out basements, gardens, and the park. Hopefully the grass will become solid enough for walks and picnics, and dogs don’t need a wash after every walk. By the way, did you see the evening sunset over the city last Sunday? Astonishingly beautiful. (photo below).


Here some updates:

Planning Dolores Park events for spring, summer, and fall. We are meeting with Love Dolores and other neighborhood groups to plan neighborhood events in and around the park.

  • A repeat of Dolores Park History Day is agreed upon, probably in May;
  • Micro-litter cleanup day or days
  • Possibly a Neighborhood Community Showcase Day, allowing for the neighborhood associations and initiatives, musicians, writers, artists of the community to present their work, get to know each other, and find supporters and participants.

If you have other suggestions, please let us know!

Closing of the North Field: We hear the fences will be removed within the next two weeks. We may need some fencing-off in the southern part for the grass to recover from the wear and tear.

San Francisco Streets Team collaboration: We have started discussions with Streets Team group. They are performing regular street cleaning and neighborhood improvements in specifically assigned areas, currently mainly in the core Mission/South Van Ness and downtown areas. Streets Team has organized around 80 people with housing challenges into different teams in San Francisco and the East Bay, helping with stabilizing them with housing, finances, and eventually connecting them to appropriate training and jobs. They are interested in running similar cleanups in the Mission Dolores Park area and the surrounding streets. If you are willing to help in the collaboration, please let us know. You can find lots of information on their website

-Staying vigilant: even during the rainy season the intimidation and threat of violence has not disappeared. In a post on Next Door Castro a neighbor described how she was threatened coming into the park with her grandchildren in the middle of the afternoon. They had to turn around and now are afraid of going to the playground. Unfortunately her call to the police did not result in any action. We are trying to follow up.

-The “Green Benefit District initiative is progressing. The city assessment of the areas has come back, the community priorities are being evaluated and put into a proposed management plan. We need lots of volunteers to talk to the neighbors about their views and priorities, facilitate their input, and make the GBD organization a vital support for the neighborhood.

-Fix-it team in and around the park? We welcome the initiative of the city Fix-It team to deal with issues and challenges around the park. We heard that they are surveying the surrounding streets. Let us know if you know more. Supervisor Mandelman, can we get your office to coordinate?

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