City of San Francisco Opposes SB 50!

Next Step: Contact State Legislators before the

State Governance and Finance Committee Hearing on April 24

Send comments by April 17 – or Call until April 24 am

Committee members and Contact Info Here

On Tuesday, April 9, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 9-2 supporting the Resolution to Oppose SB 50, unless amended. They also voted to draft amendments to SB 50 to protect San Francisco (note:Senator Scott Wiener, the bills sponsor, would have to agree to add these amendments.)

The Supervisors opposition shows that San Francisco officials and the residents DO NOT support Senator Wiener’s bill.It does not effectively address our affordable housing crisis.Rather, it incentivizes more and taller luxury housing.

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This bill will upzone 95% of San Francisco, enabling wholesale development of denser and taller buildings in all neighborhoods throughout the City. Dolores Heights will experience the maximum impact with no zoning or Planning regulation regarding density, standards (height, setbacks, design guidelines, etc), or location of projects. SB 50 allows developers to build up to 55 feet in Dolores Heights and in many other neighborhoods within mile of the streetcar lines or other rail transit (and up to 45 feet between and mile of rail lines.) These are baseline heights; as the SF Planning department drawings below illustrate, developers who add just one unit of affordable housing qualify for more incentives and waivers including additional height and waiver of rear yard setbacks. Yet it adds no greater affordable housing than what San Francisco’s laws currently mandate.

Planning Commission Analysis of SB 50

The Senate Governance and Finance Committee will hear SB 50 on April 24. Please contact the State Legislators on this Committee today. You have two options to contact them:

Personal email from you:Click herefor a listing with names, contact info, and suggested message.

Fast and easy – add your name to this email. The Senate Committee has a staffer who counts and records the individual signatures:

We need your voice to stop this destructive bill!
Please write or call our elected officials

Click here for contact info/ draft message.

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