Neighborhood Safety Update

Thank you to the block safety groups in Dolores Heights and on adjacent streets for their work! We want to alert you to recent trends:

  • Car break-ins especially around Dolores Park on the weekends
  • Organized gangs commit most break-ins and target tourist areas
  • Call 911 if you see anyone looking in parked car windows –Mission Station Police want to arrive before or during a break-in
  • Block groups may post warnings not to leave any belongings in cars
  • Suspicious activities in our neighborhood
  • People checking out doorsteps (UPS drivers continue to hear of package theft activity) or spending time in parked cars on isolated or dead-end streets

If it doesnt look or feel right, call the SFPD non-emergency at 415-553-0123 which will dispatch a patrol car

If you are not on a block safety alias, email to get connected.

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