SF 311 Reporting Advice

SF 311 – online, call or use the app for non-emergency encampments, garbage, etc.

911 – if there is an ongoing crime or threat of violence or a person is in mental distress (screaming, yelling or engaged in other alarming behavior) or the person is unresponsive.

SFPD non-emergency dispatch- 415-553-0123 – if a person is injecting drugs; person or group is on private property.

Please copy on all reports

Tom Temprano

District 8 Board of Supervisors, Constituent Services

(415) 554-6968


Jessica Closson, SFPD Community Liaison, District 8

‭(415) 713-6877‬


Gaetano Caltagirone, Captain Mission Station

(415) 558-5400


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