Update on Homelessness Issues in Our Neighborhood

Are the Park and surrounding areas looking better? DHIC has been working for one year with other neighborhood associations to address issues caused by homelessness around Dolores Park and the Castro. At the July 31 Town Hall, City representatives heard the growing frustrations of neighbors and they committed more resources focused on the Park and surrounding areas. There is now a “Hot Spots” list of areas that are receiving more services daily and weekly. This includes areas in the Park and the Sanchez Stairs.

Do you see an improvement?? With the increased services and resources, we expect to see faster and more effective action on the 311 issues, on daily safety, and on the recurring “come and go” homeless camps and belongings. DHIC is working with Supervisor Mandelman, Captain Caltagirone, SFPD Mission Station, and other city representatives. We have asked SFPD to increase their focus on drug sales and use around the Park and Mission High and Children’s Day School.

Let us know your thoughts at info@doloresheights.org. And please attend our Fall Gathering on Saturday, October 5. Jessica Closson who’s working directly on the strategy and to escalate issues will be there to meet you and other neighbors. (See announcement in this issue.)

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