RescueSF: Addressing Homelessness in Our Neighborhoods

RescueSF was formed by several groups of neighborhood leaders and residents because our voices are missing from the dialog on homelessness. Neighbors are de facto hosts to tents on the sidewalks of our neighborhoods and our City. And yet our City leaders are not addressing our concerns. Allowing street sleeping and mentally ill individuals wandering in our communities is not safe, not healthy, and not compassionate. RescueSF’s leaders are organizing a grassroots coalition of neighborhood groups across the City to speak out for effective solutions to homelessness. The organization supported Safe Sleeping Villages (including a temporary site at Everett Middle School) as one alternative to street sleeping. Now RescueSF is identifying key issues to address using the power of our voices and our numbers. Check out the RescueSF website and register to receive key updates and announcements.

You can help by attending RescueSF’s weekly speakers series (via Zoom on Wednesdays at 12 noon.) The series is intended to educate residents about the causes and solutions of homelessness. Featured speakers included Dr. Margot Kushel, UCSF expert on homelessness, Kevin Fagan, SF Chronicle reporter who’s reported extensively on street homelessness, and David Faigman, dean of Hastings Law School that sued the City to stop the unsafe street sleeping in the Tenderloin. Find out about the July line-up of expert speakers and register to attend these webinairs here.

DHIC Board voted to join this coalition to add our voices and support to a grassroots coalition organizing for effective solutions to homelessness. If you’d like to get involved, please write to or to Carolyn Kenady, DHIC Chair.

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