State Housing Legislation Action: Register your Position Now!

As reported in prior DHIC articles, San Francisco and California face a significant affordable housing shortage — housing for our teachers, municipal support workers, first responders, service workers, etc. However, a group of legislators are sponsoring bills (SB 902, SB 1085, SB 1120, and AB 3107) that give large incentives such as building height and density bonuses to construct market rate and luxury residences. These bills have lower or no requirements for affordable housing units or subsidies. Moreover, these bills limit the rights of residents to contest the negative impacts those excessive building bonuses will have on San Francisco including in our Dolores Heights neighborhood. These bills are now in the second house — to be voted on by August 13th. If you haven’t already acted, take five minutes now to submit your position via the official Cal Legislature Position Letter Portal. Numbers count! “How-to” and detailed directions are below.

The key bills that we’ve been highlighting for the past two months are listed below. Click here to read more details about each of these bills.

  • SB 902: enables the Board of Supervisors to upzone any parcel — with no citizen right of appeal.
  • SB 1085: the SF Board of Supervisors unanimously opposed this bill as it waters down the affordable housing requirements in the State Density Bonus (SDB) law. It also prohibits the impact fees that SF collects on market-rate units under the SDB – thereby reducing funding to the Mayor’s Affordable Housing Fund.
  • SB 1120: would allow lot splitting in single family RH-1 areas, and then adding 2 duplexes on each of the newly created lots (the equivalent of 4 units where one now exists), thereby destroying mid-block open space and the character of our neighborhoods.
  • SB 3107: would Manhattanize San Francisco by allowing the residential development of commercial areas to go as high as the tallest building within a half-mile radius, thus enabling scattershot high-rise buildings much taller than area zoning allows.

And we support SB 1299.  During this time of COVID-19 with its record retail business closings and high unemployment, this bill uses our valuable state resources to solve two problems. It supports converting closed big box retail and commercial shopping centers into workforce housing developments.  You can register your support for this bill using the same Portal. 

Take Action Today!

If you haven’t already, please take 5 minutes to register your position on all of these bills at one location: the Cal Legislature Position Letter Portal.

Create Account at  Cal Legislature Portal:

  • Answer “No” to the two questions: Are you a registered lobbyist? Do you represent an organization, registered or otherwise? 
  • Fill out the user details including your name, address, email and security question, then click “Register”.
  • You will immediately receive an email with a temp password and link to create your own password. 

Log in to the Portal and submit Your Stance

  • Enter the bill’s letter & number (e.g., SB 902) in the fields on the left (keep Session Type as Regular)
    • The “bad bills” are SB 902, SB 1085, SB 1120, AB 3107
    • The “good bill” is SB 1299
  • Click “Search” and table will populate with a brief description of the bill.
  • To the right, you’ll see two radio buttons (Oppose and Support), click on the appropriate button to register your stance.
  • Enter a short comment: e.g. “I oppose this bill” or “Oppose” (or copy/paste language from this article) into the comment field.
  • Click “Submit”
  • Click on the link “Return to Note Submission Page” in the upper right-hand corner. You are returned to the landing page.
  • Enter the next bill’s House (AB or SB) &  bill number and hit “Search” again.

These positions are tallied daily. It’s important that you register your position on bills. The legislators keep track of the tallies, and the comments are less important.

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