D8 Crime and Prevention – A Talk with SFPD Chief Bill Scott

D8 residents are seeing and hearing about more crime in our district–from car or garage break-ins, vandalism and store robberies, home burglaries, to muggings on the street. On Friday, January 22, Supervisor Rafael Mandelman hosted a Zoom with Chief Bill Scott to discuss crime in D8 on a Zoom meeting (starting at the 20 minute mark.)

D8 residents are concerned about public safety: what do the data say? How do we acknowledge, address, and bring down crime? The Chief confirmed that burglaries are up significantly in San Francisco. In part, he and his leadership believe the increase in home burglaries is correlated with the decreased car break-ins resulting from the drop in tourism. Early release of offenders to reduce COVID risk in jails is another factor.

The Chief outlined action that SFPD action is taking: investigating serial burglars, working with the DA to prosecute those arrested, using more plainclothes details, more visible car patrols. He also recommended that residents maintain their external video cameras. Video and other physical evidence is critical to obtaining convictions. To prevent crime, do not leave valuables in your car, lock doors & windows, consider security system (For more details – see list of recommended actions here.)

DHIC recommends taking steps to protect you, your family, and your property from home burglaries and other crimes. And join a block safety group to get to know your neighbors and to share regular updates via email. Email info@doloresheights.org with your street name and block # (or your address.) We’ll connect you with the block safety alias for your street.

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