Here’s to a Better 2021

What a year!  Never imaginable (still unbelievable) … yet we’ve done more than survive.  We’ve responded to this pandemic in positive and healthy ways.  We reached out to our neighbors in new ways…helping with errands, Zoom meetings, growing block safety groups, and even with the “Flatten the Curve” chalk drawing on the Liberty Street stairs.  We continue to honor the DH Special Use District in the planning code (and helped obtain more protections against unnecessary demolitions.) We hosted our first-ever Zoom community gathering and online board election.  We’ve experimented, we’ve been creative, we’ve shown up, and we’ve demonstrated resilience — along with compassion and care for our neighbors and community.  The Stairs stewards are still cleaning and cultivating the plantings on many of the Dolores Heights stairways.  The block safety groups alert neighbors to safety issues.  Planning & Land Use educates neighbors, reviews proposed projects, and speaks out on land policy issues that affect our neighborhood.  

With all that’s occurred these past 12 months, being thankful for family, friends, and community takes on a deeper significance.  The board of DHIC thanks you.  To support our work, please join or renew your membership in DHIC.  We look forward to bringing neighbors together in 2021 – of course, in compliance with current/future health orders.  Questions or suggestions?  Email us at

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