How You Can Protect Your Home

Here are the most commonly used ways to prevent garage/home break-ins.

  • Keep entry lights on at night. Lighted doorways deter break-ins especially if video cameras are visible. 
  • Keep one or more interior lights on at night. 
  • Install motion flood lights at entryways. Can scare off would-be burglar.
  • Install metal gates at street entryways, especially the front door. Front doors are particularly vulnerable to forced entry as are alleyway doors.   An alternative is special smash-proof door glass. See below Safety Glass.
  • Put video cams at entryways and garage doors. Consider at least a video component as part of a front door bell system: Ring Nest Outdoor, Ubiquity, and Network Video by Dahlua Technologies are a few that some neighbors are using. 
  • Eliminate garage door remotes. If you leave a remote in a car hide it (under the seat for example) or take it with you.¬† This is especially important if you have car registration or other info with your home address¬† in the car.
  • Protect your garage door with reinforced or break-proof panels and a dead bolt device for overnight or when away for extended period. Automatic Garage Doors (and other vendors) have smash proof garage doors. Dead bolts for garage doors are either manual or electrical with a remote. The manual deadbolts are useful for when you are away for extended periods; the more expensive electrical/remotes allow for daily use.  Another approach is to remove the emergency pull cord that releases the garage door track which allows criminals to raise the door.  
  • Install a hooded mail slot and/or break-proof protective glass for your front door panels.  Burglars can reach in via the mail slot and unlock the deadbolt with extension devices.  They also knock out glass panels.  (A Yelp search can help you find vendors to install these.) 
  • Install a burglar alarm which alerts a private security company who will immediately come to the address or call 911. Commonly used companies include ADT, Bay Alarm, Warman and SimpliFi.
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