Supervisor Mandelman’s Proposed Housing Ordinances

Supervisor Mandelman is introducing two proposed housing ordinances. Although the two ordinances share some of the same DNA, they are separate and distinct in their intent, content and timelines.  Neither bill directly changes the Dolores Heights Special Use District (SUD). Both bills would lead to process and zoning changes in the neighborhood.  DHIC has not yet taken a position on either bill. 

1. Monster Home” Ordinance: This ordinance has already been introduced at the Board of Supervisors and will be heard at the Planning Commission in April. The ordinance is, in part, a response to the onslaught of very large home developments in Dolores Heights.

The purpose of the ordinance is to make it more difficult to build a very large single family home, unless the project provides additional, and more equitably sized, units. The ordinance would require Conditional Use approval for a new home larger than 2,500 square feet, or any construction that expands an existing home by more than 50%, or beyond 2,500 square feet in size, unless the project increases the number of units on the lot.

2. Supervisor Mandelman is also drafting an additional ordinance that would allow for up to four units on corner lots, and on lots within a half-mile of a major rail station (i.e. Muni Metro underground or BART stations – stations with a turnstile). Per the chart below, some Dolores Heights properties are in a half-mile of the Castro Muni-Metro stop  and will be covered by this upzoning.

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