Whats going up? Dolores Heights building projects – planned or underway

Planned construction activity in Dolores Heights continues to increase. We will update this list monthly. For more information on any property, enter the propertys street address on the field in the San Francisco Property Information map.

Proposed or pending demolitions:

  • 3640 21st Street
  • 357 Cumberland
  • 617 Sanchez
  • 801 Sanchez
  • 3669 21st
  • 835 Sanchez

Smaller proposed projects (remodels or additions) include:

  • 3927 19th Street
  • 3929 19th Street
  • 3931 19th Street
  • 3751 21st Street
  • 3753 21st Street
  • 3833 21st Street
  • 327 Cumberland
  • 328 Cumberland
  • 258 Cumberland
  • 674 Sanchez
  • 775 Sanchez*
  • 871 Sanchez
  • 350 Liberty
  • 428 Liberty
  •  474 Liberty
  • 439 Hill
  • 734 Dolores

These projects are in various stages at the Planning Department.

  • The property at 775 Sanchez Street has been sold with approved plans, but the new owner intends to modify the plans and significantly modify the facade.

On September 24 DHIC filed for a Discretionary Review and Opposition to Variance Request on the proposed project at 3927 – 3931 19th Street.  The board determined that the project as proposed has exceptional and extraordinary impacts on the adjacent neighbors and provides no plan to renovate two vacant houses located on 3927 and 3929 19th Street respectively.

Planning and Land Use – Who are We?

Our Planning and Land Use Committee, composed of members of the Dolores Heights Improvement Club Board and other DHIC members, reviews proposed projects, ensures compliance with the spirit and the letter of the Dolores Heights Special Use District, educates neighbors about the planning and building process, and advocates for balanced development in our neighborhood and in San Francisco. We welcome your ideas and your involvement. Contact the Planning and Land Use Committee at

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