About Us

The Dolores Heights Improvement Club was established in the late 1940s and came into being around neighborhood issues like undergrounding of utilities and later development pressures. The Dolores Heights Improvement Club is a volunteer residential neighborhood association. We come together in the interest of the community to maintain and enhance its appearance, safety, communication, and value. The Dolores Heights neighborhood has a demarcated area within it called the Dolores Heights Special Use District, which was established in 1980 in response to the demolition of housing and the construction of large apartment buildings in nearby areas. See “Special Use District” for more information on the exact location of this area, and the planning code restrictions that apply within its boundaries.

Officers and Board Members

Chair: Carolyn Kenady
Treasurer: Greg Scott
DHIC Board: Carolyn Kenady, Hans Kolbe, Jennifer Bury, Greg Scott, John O’Duinn, Liz Clark David Dea, Celeste Perron, and Russ Kellites

DHIC Board meets on the second Monday of every other month (except December.) Meetings are held via Zoom from 7pm – 8pm. If you live in the Dolores Heights area, you are welcome to attend. Please email info@doloresheights.org to obtain the Zoom meeting link.


Each year DHIC hosts neighborhood gatherings in the spring and fall. Details are provided in the monthly DHIC newsletter and on www.doloresheights.org.

Our Green Gardens group holds monthly clean-ups on the first Saturday of the month from 9am – 10:30am. You are welcome to join us for all or part of the work session.

Current Covid protocols require participants to register in advance. For registration link and specific location of upcoming stairway greening, see the monthly DHIC newsletter or www.doloresheights.org.

Contact Us

You can email the Dolores Height Improvement Club email at: info@doloresheights.org
Our postal mailing address is: DHIC, P.O. Box 14426, San Francisco, California 94114


Membership is open to all persons owning property or residing within the area approximately bounded by the following four streets: Castro, 18th Street, Dolores Street and 22nd Street. These boundaries include the buildings on both sides of these boundary streets. For specific details, see the DHIC detailed map. [Change URL to link to DHIC map; current URL links to DH SUD map]

There are a few ways to join the DHIC: