Graffiti… Graffiti is not a large problem in Dolores Heights but does occur here at times, as it does throughout San Francisco. Residents who want to help get rid of graffiti can call 311 and report the graffiti. DPW workers will then respond to remove the graffiti. Residents also can get training and supplies from the Graffiti Watch Program and actively participate in removing graffiti themselves.

Public Safety… Dolores Heights is counted as a safe neighborhood, but does have car break-ins and some burglaries like the rest of the city. Here are some links to some public safety websites:

Neighborhood Watch Groups …some blocks in Dolores Heights have organized these groups

San Francisco Police Department Crime Maps …this site gives crime statistics for every neighborhood in the city

Muni Shelter at 21st and Chattanooga is boarded up…it is unclear whether this is something temporary or whether a demolition is scheduled. More information is being sought. This is a historic tiled roof structure. There was previously a larger similar Muni shelter in the corner of Dolores Park near 18th and Church that was demolished.