Meet Your New Board Members

The ballots are counted and the results are in. DHIC’s four director seats will be filled by Jennifer BuryJohn O’DuinnHans Kolbe, and Liz Clark. (Read their bios below.) Congratulations to them and a big thank you for serving on the DHIC board.

Jennifer Bury Standing for Re-election
I enjoy my myriad quirky neighbors and love all the green nooks and crannies in our neighborhood; I’m endlessly delighted by all the amazing plants and trees I encounter. I’ve been part of the Green Garden/stairs committee for many years. You can find my bio at

John O’Duinn Standing for Re-election
I’ve been living in Dolores Heights since 2002. I love how
the community works together on the many various green common
spaces, walkways and stairs in the area. I’ve helped in various roles over
the years… carrying trash bags, setting up online payments, helping negotiate between neighbors if issues arise… doing whatever helps this community and neighborhood be so wonderful.

Hans Kolbe Standing for Re-Election
I am a passionate member of our neighborhood and its organization, the DHIC. My wife, my two daughters, and I have lived here since 1992 and saw our children grow up and us getting older. From the start I have worked with our neighbors to protect and improve our streets. The DHIC is a critical element of what makes our neighborhood great, strong community connections, looking out for each other, and working together to defend and improve. Where we live, our home, is a foundational element of our lives. We cannot build this foundation by ourselves. Everybody needs to do their part, so please take some of your precious time and energy to work with us. Please join and stay active in DHIC.

Liz Clark Standing for Re-election
I have loved San Francisco from childhood, long before moving to the City in 1982 and making my home in Dolores Heights since 1990. The past few years have brought me great concern about the conditions of our neighborhood streets and staircases and so now I am Co-Chair of the DHIC’s Green Garden Group; a monthly (pre-COVID) clean-up of one of the seven staircases in our area. My involvement with the DHIC has been important as it allows me to have a voice in the direction of our neighborhood and to fight for its needs.

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